2022 DF 5D TTV Series A4 Card

With unmatched versatility and class-beating technology, this is the ideal tractor for field work, as well as orchards, vineyards and municipal applications.

The remarkably compact 5D TTV is practically unlimited in configuration. Even better, such flexibility is backed by a rigid approach to safety, exemplified by 4 wheel braking, PowerZero function and a hydraulic park brake.

There is real grunt here, too, provided by a 113 hp 4 cylinder FARMotion common rail engine. These tractors feature TTV continuously variable transmission, spacious 4-pillar pressurised cab with a category 4 filtration system, and closed centre 100 l/min hydraulics. Only 1.8 metres wide, the 5D TTV’s manoeuvrability is hard to beat.

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